The Best Belgian Experience In Cambodia Since 2009.

Food List


Cream cheese guacamole $5,90

Home made hummus$3,90

Home made French fries Belgian style$2,50

Bruschetta Tre Colori $2,50

Patatas a la brava (spicy )$3,90

Soups & Salads

Tomato soup $3,50

Vegetable soup$3,50

Pumpkin soup$3,50

Gazpacho ( cold soup )$3,50

Sandwiches & small dishes

Smoked salmon & cream cheese with guacamole. $5,90

Club sandwich.$3,50

Ham & cheese sandwich$3,50

Smoked Turkey sandwich$4,25

Sushi-grade Tuna Carpaccio.$9,75

Vegetables Tempura$5,00

Grilled vegetables with sauce flambé.$4,00

Mixed vegetables patties$5,00

Belgian Specialities

With choice of 3 different sauces : - mushroom sauce - pepper sauce - Provençale sauce
all dishes are serve with french fries

Giant chicken saté $8,50

Giant pork Saté $8,50

Belgian stew with trappist beer$8,00

Vol au vent$8,50

Home made Meat balls$6,50

Main Course

Spaghetti Bolognese$7,50

Duplex Ravioli with mascarpone & parmesan shavings $8,50

Home made Lasagna With aubergine & gorgonzola $8,50

Pistacho crushed Tuna $11,90

Grilled Salmon fillet $12,50

Beef sirloin Steak $17,50

Australian Beef tenderloin$24,50

Home – made Hamburgers

Italian-style Burger $7,50

Duplex beef burger $7,50

Macaroni & cheese burger$8,50

Falafel Burger$7,50

3 different-style mini-burgers.$7,50

Khmer Specialties

Fish amork with steam rice $7,50

Deep fried pork spring rolls $5.00

Tom yam with rice $5,00

Chicken fried rice $7,70


Gaspach / Tometé $4.00
Lime & Pepper$3.00
Basil & Lime $3.50
Mango & passion $5.00
Fabulous Balgian Speculoos $5.00


Orange crème brulee $5.00
Chefs dessert$5.00

Blackout raw vegan pudding $6.00 Pineapple flambé with lime-basil sorbet $6.00

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